SOAR Certification

The 12-hour Supporting Older Adults Remotely (SOAR) certification is designed to promote rapid uptake of digital peer support and is designed specifically to address the needs of the current COVID-19 crisis. This certificate does not assess a person’s ability to use technology such as zoom, but rather incorporates the latest scientific evidence of digital peer support for older adults.

The SOAR certification fulfills the requirements for the Certified Older Adult Peer Specialist (COAPS) certification in the state of Massachusetts. ACCESS IT HERE.

Day 1 (4 hours): Older Adults & Technology

  • Older Adults & Technology
  • Who are Older Adults
  • Digital Peer Support for Older Adults
  • Technologies for Older Adults
  • How to Access Technology
  • Learning How to Use Technology
  • Creating a Welcoming Digital Space for Older Adults
  • Normal Aging and Technology
  • The Role of Family and Caregivers in Technology
  • Recognizing Signs of Abuse and Neglect Digitally
  • What You Can Do To Address Abuse 
  • Scams Directed Towards Older Adults Using Technology 

Day 2 (4 hours): Older Adult Behavioral Health

  • What Makes Older Adults Different
  • Whole Health: Physical, Mental and Social
  • Older Adults and COVID-19
  • Depression in Older Adults
  • Suicidality in Older Adults
  • Crisis in Older Adults: What To Do 
  • Dementia in Older Adults
  • Alcohol Use in Older Adults
  • Opioid Use in Older Adults
  • Impact of Loneliness on Health
  • Addressing Loneliness and Social Isolation

Day 3 (4 hours): Aging Successfully

  • What is Successful Aging
  • Peer Support
  • Life Review
  • What is Acceptance
  • How to Practice Acceptance
  • Mindfulness Exercises 
  • Identifying Your Values
  • Challenging Negative Thoughts
  • Coaching and Making a Plan of Action
  • Setting goals
  • How to Introduce Acceptance and Life Review into Peer Support