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Healing Self–Whole Health Training

Help the people you serve reach their whole health goals, whether it’s tackling loneliness or managing a chronic health condition, or making new friends, after they leave your care. 

Healing Self is a lived experience-led, program that incorporates evidence-based practices to empower people to support their physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being and live the life they want. 

Join us for a 16-hour training over the course of 8 weeks, and learn how to work with people to identify what’s important to them,  set personalized goals, develop action plans to achieve those goals, and manage day-to-day issues that may impact achieving those goals. Includes live training, workbooks, and on-demand tools to support learning.

Healing Self is open to anyone interested in supporting their own or others people’s health.

Training Includes:

  1. Participation in the 16-hour training over the course of 8-weeks (2 hours each week)
  2. Healing Self Workbook
  3. On-demand videos to revisit topics
  4. Membership to the global Healing Self Community (upon completion).
  5. Certificate of Completion


Everyone is welcome, we train caregivers, social workers, emergency responders, home health aides, community members, and many more! 


During training, Healing Self participants learn to:

  • Identify your values and how they impact your health.
  • Understand how stress impacts your overall health and well-being 
  • Understand the science of health behavior chance.
  • Develop skills to life the life you want


“This training is one of the best I’ve ever taken!  Thank you!”Under